Welcome to Market SF

Market SF specializes in creating opportunities and finding outlets for designers and artists to display and sell their work around San Francisco.

Whats going on?
NEW permanent retail store!
Local Take
3979B 17th Street
San Francisco, CA

Lower Haight Second Sundays
Haight Street b/w Fillmore & Webster

Have a great idea on where Market SF should be next? Email us at info@market-sf.com.

At the store…

No events to show
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Introducing Local Take…

Introducing Local Take… a San Francisco style boutique showcasing independent designers from around the world.  Local Take encompasses all that makes us San Franciscans unique… where you’ll find everything from fashion to home goods to jewelry.


Keep updated about Local Take on Facebook.  You can start looking forward to our soft opening around the middle of May!


As you know, Market SF has spent the last four years creating opportunities around the city for local artists to show and sell their work.  We have reached the point where we can offer the ideal shopping experience for the unique nature of the San Francisco shopper.  After 4 months of searching every SF nook & cranny, we’ve finally found the perfect spot!  For those who don’t know,  Jenn Meyer of Market SF is teaming up with the illustrious Kyra Brown of Booty Boutique for this newest venture.  We really couldn’t be more excited!


Market SF will remain as it has been, creating offering opportunities around the city to help Bay Area artists show and sell their work.


Remember, nothing makes a bad day good like shopping.


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Looking back | Looking forward

Looking back...

Its been over a week now since we closed up the ‘shop in a shop’.  And we may be going through withdrawal.

The last weekend at the shop was really amazing…
Customers came in to buy the thing they wouldn’t buy for themselves before Christmas;
Market SF supporters dropped in to say goodbye and tried to get details of the next space, and;
We got to hang out with the ladies of RAG whom we’ve had the pleasure of working with for the past 9 months.

Thanks to all of you for making the ‘shop in a shop’ not only a total success but also the most fun we’ve had so far.

Looking forward…

While we are truly enjoying a few days off, we are anxious to get started on the next big thing.  After looking at about 100 different available spaces, we’ve managed to narrow it down to a handful.  We’re gonna be taking some chances with the new space, ones we think you will LOVE. For us, that translates into a mound of opportunity. And for you, the chance to discover even more amazing, independent designers.

No, we’re still not talking, but only because we’re superstitious, not because we’re a tease.

Keep checking Facebook for updates.  The wait won’t be long… we swear.

(This is the shop on the day we closed.  Goodbye little shop.)

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Closing up shop | Big Sale

Happy new year from your friends at Market SF!  With every new year comes resolutions to make the next year even better than the last.  Market SF can happily say that we couldn’t be more excited about our resolutions this year.

Its been 9 months since we opened the ‘shop in a shop’ and its been an amazing journey! We’ve learned a lot from our customers, designers and supporters.  So much in fact that we are pursuing a permanent location.

It turns out that opening a permanent location is a full time job!  Because of this, we will be closing the ‘shop in a shop’ on January 13 so we can commit ourselves full time to the newest leg in our adventure.

We have several leads on amazing spaces in a few up and coming neighborhoods.  Although we want to scream from the highest mountain how excited we are about the new concept and give you our new permanent address, we’re holding ourselves back until everything is confirmed. Don’t despair… we hope to fill you in by March 1.

The most amazing part of this is that almost everything in the ‘shop in a shop’ is on sale:
Firehosebelts 25% off
Earthly Treasures jewelry 25% off
Mangosteen jewelry 25% off
Little Feather jewelry 50% off
BuyAlex flasks, notebooks & terrariums 10% off
Holiday cards 50% off
Shawn Harris 3D prints 20% off
Pop Outerwear jackets $69 (down from $89)

More is being marked-down everyday.  Check Facebook often for updates.
Market SF
541 Octavia Street b/w Hayes & Grove
SF 94102
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Market SF needs your vote!

Well, your wildest dreams are coming true… Market SF is taking steps towards opening a permanent location in the early part of next year.  And you’re the first to hear about it.

Intuit is granting a wish a day for 15 days to small businesses across the US.  You can help Market SF take this incredible next step by voting now!

See my wish and vote here:
You can vote once a day if you’re so inclined!
We wouldn’t be here without you so thank you for your continued support!
Market SF
Need more info?  Check us out on Facebook.
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Shop Small

Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday is a day dedicated to supporting small businesses nationwide. Looking for the perfect gift for those on your holiday shopping list? Consider shopping locally! Out of every dollar spent at a local establishment, 85 cents gets spent back into the local economy.

Small Business Saturday
Saturday, November 24

541 Octavia Street
SF 94102

Here at Market SF, we not only carry locally designed and made goodies, but we can also tell you a story about every product and every designer we carry. Go to the big box stores on Friday, and shop your fingers to the bone on Monday… but in between go out and support your local businesses.

We’ll see you on Saturday!

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Lower Haight Second Sundays

Over the past 3 years Market SF has had the opportunity to do vendor hosting for many different events around the city… but our fave continues to be the Lower Haight Second Sundays. It is a super-duper grassroots event with the local merchants breathing new life into the daylight hours in the Lower Haight. The Lower Haight being the hood of our headquarters and where we lay our heads down every night, we’re all for creating a vibrant daytime community (without detracting from the much-loved nightlife).

Anyway, to get back to the point… back in April the Lower Haight Merchant’s Association (along with the Neighborhood Association) created the Lower Haight Second Sundays and this one coming up will be their sixth monthly event. We love meeting our neighbors and seeing the talent from the neighborhood.

Second Sunday Sidewalk Sale- Lower Haight
Sun Sept 9, 12pm- 5pm

On the sched for this Sunday:

Rooky Ricardo’s – Huge record sale (seller’s also invited to set up and sell their stash!)
Glass Key Photo – Vintage & Film camera sale
Vintage boombox sale
Beacon Art Program – Football themed kiddie crafting table
BBQ- slow cooked pulled pork
Local crafters, designers and artists selling their creations – clothing, jewelry, art and other cool stuff
Art by Pete Doolittle
More being added every day!

400 Block of Haight Street
Haight St (bw Webster & Fillmore)
San Francisco, CA, 94117

MORE INFO: https://www.facebook.com/LowerHaightSecondSunday

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The GRQP representing District 5

Market SF was lucky enough to meet Andrew Resignato when he popped into the ‘shop in a shop’ a few weeks ago. Andrew is currently running for District 5 Supervisor in San Francisco. He is a huge supporter of small business, which we love in general but also because our shop is in District 5. Our favorite part of his campaign is that he’s 100% committed to running a cleaner and greener campaign by creating campaign collateral that is functional… which means no door hangers!

Andrew has tapped The GRQP (whom he discovered at the Market SF ‘shop in a shop’) to do a mailing to voters in District 5. The mailing will be a re-usable postcard with The GRQP’s neighborhood images on one side. They were chosen because they do such an amazing job portraying the diverse SF neighborhoods.

Congratulations to The GRQP! And kudos to Andrew Resignato for running a greener campaign.

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First ever Sloppy Sunday

What a great day! White Isaac was on fire with his bow tie knotting workshop at Market SF’s first ever Sloppy Sunday. He was the opposite of shy when inviting people out to the patio to learn the fine art of knotting a bow tie and to enjoy a sip of sangria.

For 3 hours, White Isaac was surrounded by groups of eager young men (and one woman) with slips of plaid cloth wrapped around their necks, patiently waiting for their next instruction. Could’ve been dangerous. But all left with smiles on their faces, and some with a just-bought bow tie still tied around their necks.
There’s not a whole lot we can say about the sangria… it was refreshing and yummy and got us a little tipsy. Job well done.

Now we can start looking forward to the next one. There was some talk of maprons & mar-me-que… not sure if that name will stick.

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Sloppy Summer Sundays and Bow Tie Tutorial

You can feel it right? The air is getting warmer, you’ve slowly been shedding some layers, certain days you even consider leaving your scarf at home. It can only mean that the San Francisco summer is almost here.

The time when the rest of the country is sick of the heat… and we are just breaking out our sandals and sundresses.

And now that Market SF has a ‘patio’ to call its own, we’re introducing Sloppy Summer Sundays! Join us for drinks on the patio this Sunday.

Sunday, July 29


In addition…

How many times recently have you been faced with the challenge of knotting a bow tie and been seriously frustrated? Probably more times than you count. Join us this Sunday when White Isaac will be workshopping the fine art of knotting a bow tie. Not to be missed.

In between bow tie knots, White Isaac will also be pouring up some White Sangria… yum.

Of course we share said patio with our ever gracious host, RAG SF… who will be sipping drinks and basking in the sun with us on the last Sunday of each ‘Summer’ month.

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New sign and new artists!

Check out our incredible new sign, hung it on Saturday. Looks even better in person!


And such cool stuff we’ve been getting in…

Eyeglass cases from Munaluna…

Pillows from Utilitarian Franchise…

And neighborhood soaps from Roman Ruby Botanicals…